Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I hope we can keep up...

Lots of things have happened in the last few days and lots of stuff is happening now. I kinda feel like we just got onto the Autobahn and we are just driving a moped.

We finally finished our education workbook. That was hard! 175 pages of open ended parenting questions. It was a good thing because it made us really think about situations and problems that might pop up but it was also overwhelming. Paul and I having never parented a child before was sometimes just left to stare at the page or go to someone else with kids and ask their opinions. Thank God its over! I sent it back to All God's Children on Monday. If you listened real close on Monday at lunch time you probably heard the Hallelujah chorus. We just got an e-mail about 10 minutes ago that our workbook was received and considered complete. What a weight off my shoulders!!

Our home study has been in the process of being written up for a couple of weeks and we got our final forms to our social worker on Monday. She sent us a copy to look over on Monday night. We are making some revisions (slight ones) and it has already been sent to All God's Children for their approval. They have already looked at it and even though it isn't completely finalized, it will be by tomorrow at noon. Tomorrow!!

Our next step is finishing up our dossier. We have worked on this some but needed to hold off on some of the more time-sensitive documents until the home study was complete. Now that it practically is Paul is pulling his hair out with all the government forms. Funny thing, government, they do so little on some things and require so many hoops for others. But I guess that is another blog post.

All of this boils down to this. If we stick with it we could have our dossier finished by the end of July. It could be sent to D.C. by August. We could have our paperwork in Rwanda by the end of August. That means by the end of August we could be waiting for our referral. This is so exciting!! It has me smiling and bouncy.

When we picked this path of adoption, we knew this was the way God wanted us to go. Life was so peaceful when we made the decision. God led us to Rwanda and things have just fallen into place ever since. Even though sometimes I feel like we are stuck in a traffic jam and other times we are flying down the interstate, I know this is where we should be. Let's all just keep praying things will continue smoothly and quickly.