Thursday, December 8, 2011

More work to do...

This last month was so busy with Christmas play practice.  It went great, by the way.  We did "Best Christmas Pageant Ever".  I played Imogene Herdman and Paul was Ralph Herdman.  It was a lot of fun!  Thanksgiving came and went.  We ate too much turkey (even the dog ate too much).  Now to plan for Christmas and to eventually get the tree up.

This was after Thanksgiving dinner...

AGCI called us today.  Good news:  We get to do more paperwork! YAY! (Boo!)  We have to update our criminal checks, fingerprints, and homestudy.  Doesn't it sound like fun?  What's going on in Rwanda, you ask?  Well they are still placing children and children are still coming in to the Home of Hope.  You know how when your sink leaks and you keep messing with the faucet to make it stop?  And how when you think the dripping has stopped but you see one drip forming?   You keep watching that one drop and it keeps getting bigger and bigger til it finally drops.  So, you know your sink is still leaking but it feels like forever between drops.  That is apparently how fast they are placing children. (At least, that is the way it feels to me)  Anyway, the 6 month regret letters that everyone received with their approval (your file is closed if you aren't matched in 6 months), doesn't seem to be a threat anymore.  I'm really not worried about it too much but it was something the government put in writing so they can enforce it at any time.

So, more waiting and more paperwork.  Good times, good times.  Please keep praying for us.  The wait is very hard!

The plan is too put the Christmas tree up tonight.  I'll try to post some pictures of it soon.