Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

It's so wonderful how things can change. Just a few months I used to lay awake at night and wonder what it would be like to be pregnant. I would wonder when/if we would ever be pregnant. Would we ever have children? I would sometimes cry myself to sleep at night. I would pray and pray for God to give us children. Little did I know what was planned. I keep mulling all this stuff over in my head and I am amazed every time.

Last night I was laying in bed and I couldn't go to sleep because I was wondering what our daughter would look like, will she like us, and wondering if I would make a good mother. It was almost like Christmas Eve and I couldn't wait for tomorrow and open my presents. I am just SO excited!! Sometimes I can't contain it. Then I don't have enough people around to talk about it. I just have to let it out sometimes.

I can't wait to meet my daughter that God has specifically picked out for me!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Commerical Break

Now its time for a commerical break.

I found a website that helps farmers in Rwanda.

Here you can buy coffee that comes from Rwanda and help the farmers there at the same time. I bought some for the moms for Mother's Day and my mom said that she liked it. Please at least take the time to look and learn about some of the farmers.

Whoever would have thought that buying coffee could make a differnce?

Home Study....Done!

Well...maybe not done. Our part of the paperwork is done. We mailed it off today. The lady at the post office said my envelope weighed almost 1 pound. That's alot of paperwork. I feel a little lighter today and more excited!!

Here's our paperwork...



Here is our first baby with the paperwork for our second...


I haven't posted in a while so here is an update. Our most exciting news is the home study paperwork. We also put baby furniture in layaway. The more that we do the more real it becomes. And guess what?!? Someone actually told me Happy Mother's Day on Sunday! WOW! I thought I might break down right there from just that simple comment. Mother's Day was still a little rough. A swirll of emotions, some good, some bad. Anyway, that was the last Mother's Day I will spend without my baby. YAY!!

Bad News...I now have to get my house clean for the home study. LOL