Thursday, February 25, 2010

Percy Jackson teaches me a lesson

The other night I was finishing "The Last Olympian" and started thinking. Scary, I know. In this book and in a lot of other books like it there are prophecies that are spoken about the future. Most of the time when I read them I think I know exactly how everything will end. Some times I just go "huh?" Anyway, while reading about Percy I was right where the author wanted me. I read the prophecy and took it at face value. I thought I knew what each character would do and how the actions taken by the characters would affect the ending of the story. The end was basically what I expected but the events that got us there was not at all what I expected. These events leading to the end were important and exciting and even though not how I imagined the outcome it was just how I wanted it to end. I don't want to ruin the story for anyone but I will tell you what Percy Jackson taught me.

When I thought about my future I knew basically what I wanted and I thought I knew how I would get it. I always thought I would be lucky enough that the first man I really dated would be the man of my dreams. Boy I couldn't have been more wrong. I did meet the man of my dreams but the events leading up to meeting him were not what I thought would happen. I believe that God knew I would need that HORRIBLE relationship so that I could appreciate the man he had ready for me. What I have now is more than I ever thought I would have.

Once we were married, I knew what would happen. We would travel and enjoy being together and then when we were ready we would start a family. I, like everyone else, had the idea that I would immediately get pregnant and life would be wonderful. This also didn't happen like I planned. Now we are adopting. This isn't the way I pictured building a family but the end result is the same. I might not be pregnant but I am just as excited and the same questions and fears are running through my head. Just like any mother, I love this child before having seen her. I can't wait until she is here with her parents.

Just like in Percy Jackson, I felt like I had a "prophecy" laid out for my life. Just like in Percy Jackson, it didn't turn out like he or I expected but I am glad that it didn't. I am so thankful that God is the author and He knows how the story will end. I want to enjoy the exciting and wonderful story that God has written for me.

I pray that others will realize that sometimes God wants to give us great things. It just may not be in the way we expect to receive them.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Exciting Times (for us)

Friday was an exciting day. We were finally able to send in our contracts. All God's Children will get our packet on Monday, 12pm pst. We should get a call from them tomorrow or Tuesday. Once they have gone over our packet, they will send us our dossier packet. We will work on this and our homestudy as quickly as we can. This should be the longest part of our journey since Rwanda doesn't have a waiting list.

That is the informational part. Now let me tell you how it all happened. I have a wonderful husband. He humors me in many things. He laughed at me but eventhough it was embarrassing to him, we got pictures when the notary to notarized our paperwork.

notary 5

Notary 6

Then off to the post office.

mail 1

Paul only laughed but never told me no pictures. I know he is as excited as I am. First step taken care of. WOOT!! Now we are just waiting for the next set of paperwork.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crazy Snow Storm

Wow! It has been so crazy this past weekend.

First, Paul and two friends were supposed to go to Haiti on Saturday. As he was spending the night at a friend's house before they headed to the airport, his friend got sick. Since Paul and his other had been exposed, they couldn't go. He and his friends are now supposed to fly out this Saturday if all goes well.

Second, while Paul was off on his journey to get to Haiti, I went to stay at my parents house. We got about 5 to 7 inches of snow here on the mountain. My sister and her family came up to my mom's on their 4-wheeler with a sled behind it. It was so much fun being pulled around the yard. When the fun was over they headed home. On their way home, a tree broke under the weight of the ice and fell on them. All of them! It hit the back of the 4-wheeler and landed on the sled that 2 of the kids was riding on. Not only did the tree fall but it broke a power line on the way down. If it hadn't broke they way it did, it could have killed the entire family. Very scary!! Everyone is ok and only have a few cuts and a black eye.

Third, my dad was inside and heard the tree fall and was afraid that something bad had happened. He just threw on some shoes and hurried out the door. He promptly fell down 5 stairs. He couldn't get up. We had to get my uncle to help get him up and back inside. Paul finally made it home and had to walk back to my parents because the tree was blocking the road. We ended up staying the whole weekend with my parents helping my dad get up and move around.

Finally, the good news. Since Paul couldn't go to Haiti, our adoption paperwork doesn't have to wait a week to get started. YAY! We are signing contracts and have our orientation call tonight. I'm getting more and more excited all the time. The adoption is pretty much all I want to talk about anymore.

After all this craziness, I'm ready for the snow to be gone and for everything to settle down.