Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween comes early this year!

I am a horrible blogger.  I don't keep it updated as often I should.  Then again, I don't keep my house, dishes, or laundry as updated/cleaned as often as I should either.  Hmm, must be a theme in my life.

Quick Update:  Everyone is now healthy!  No new news on the adoption/baby front.  Still just trying to see where God takes us.

Now to the fun stuff!!  Halloween came early this year.  We were able to attend the Halloween Party at Disney World!  If you are going to attend a party at Disney, you must have a Disney theme, right?  We thought so.  We went with friends so three of us dressed up like characters from Mary Poppins.  We had Mary Poppins, Bert, & Mrs. Banks.  I was Mrs. Banks!  Once we knew who we were going to be the search for the perfect costume began. 

What to do first?  Ebay for a dress pattern and call mom to inform her we are making a dress.  She was so very excited!  (I hope you can hear the sarcasm there.)

Next, a fun trip to JoAnn's for fabric and materials.  I felt so crafty.
On to the pinning, pinning, and more pinning

After all that pinning, there was much discussion over the instructions and eventually we got this...
And this...

And when you put them together, you actually get a dress...
Now we all know Mrs. Banks was not this plain.  She need something extra.  Like a belt...
And a sash...

But not just any sash, it must be a "Votes for Women" sash!  This part took some thinking.  How do I get "Votes for Women" on there and it be big enough to read and it won't fall off when I'm zooming around on Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain?  Answer: Paint!  I think I might be most proud of this sash.  I think it turned out very well.
You could see-thru the fabric, so we printed of the words until we felt like they were the right size.  Then placed the paper under the sash and traced over the letters.  Some matte fabric paint, small brush, and patience, I filled in the letters.
Add a hat with another matching yellow sash around it, and you have my version of Mrs. Banks!
The Halloween party was so much fun!  We got lots of compliments!  Of course, some people didn't get it and I was afraid of that but we all looked great together!!