Monday, August 27, 2012

Just to sum it up....

I know the story about our mission trip has really been stretched.  It is because I am a horrible blogger and forget to post.  This post is just to finish everything up.

The day after Paul's big event was Sunday, and we only had two days left of our trip.  On Sunday we went to one of our missionary's churches, where we had a wonderful service and got to meet several of the people who attend the church.  Some of us stood up and talked about our time in Costa Rica and then several church members stood up and gave testimonies of how good God has been to them.   One of the church members stood up and told a story about how an adoption they were trying to complete several years ago got shut down.  They were not able to, or did not, make another attempt, but they talked about how good God was to come in a fill the emptiness.  It was very encouraging. 

Later, the men helped the missionaries move their furniture.  They are moving to a new house soon.  Even though everyone told Paul not to help move, he did anyway.  I would look up and he would have something new in his hands.  He kept saying, "I didn't come here to sit around."

That was pretty much the last of our work in Costa Rica.  On Sunday and Monday, we had a lot of free time since the trip was coming to an end.  We worked hard on this trip, but we had free time too and that just added to the fun of it all.  We made it home really late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, however you want to look at it.

I'll admit that at points throughout the trip I was a little discouraged that I wasn't changing the world.  I wanted to make a lasting difference not just bring the kids candy.  Then it dawned on me.  First, I don't have to, and can't, change the world in one trip.  Second, we got a chance to be God's hands and feet and really love on these children for the time that we could.  God, for some unknown reason, thought I should do this.  I can't wait to go back!!

If you have the chance, go on a short-term mission trip!!  Start saving now and go!!  For that matter, come to Costa Rica with us when we go back next year. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deer Island Adventure

We had some free time and then on Friday we headed to Deer Island.  This wasn't to an orphanage, but to a church where all the kids were invited in to the church for a day of fun.

Getting to Deer Island was interesting.  We drove quite a while to get to a ferry for a 45 minute to an hour trip.

This is just a picture of us on the ferry.

Once across we drove to where we would meet our next boat.  Interesting part was that it was low tide.

We had to walk through this and carry our supplies to the boat.

Loaded the boat and took off to Deer Island!

This was the hottest day yet and the sun just beat down on us but, believe it or not, no one complained and everyone was in good spirits.

After Paul and others carried our supplies to the church, we all walked to the Pastor's house for lunch.

Best fried fish ever!!  Rice, Beans and lemonade.

Fish was fried over this in a cast iron skillet with lard, which makes everything better.

Afterwards we had to let our food digest and these hammocks in the front yard was the best place for that.

There was about 60 kids here this time and so I only had time to get a picture at the beginning during the bible story...

and one as they were leaving.

We had face painting, fabric swatches were we traced their hand and put their name on them, bookmarks, and the guys played with the children outside.  We rotated the children in groups to the different stations.  At the end we gave away candy and some soccer balls.

At the end of the day we took a four hour drive back home.  Chalk up another good day.  This was the day before "The Event" so Paul and I ended up missing the next stop at a church in San Ramon.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day at La Fortuna Orphanage

After San Ramon, we drove to La Fortuna to prepare to go to the next orphanage.  This orphanage was easier on me than the last.  It was so brightly colored and you could really see and feel that the kids were getting care and attention.  We did the same activities here that we did at the other orphanage.  Here are some pics...

This is the front porch where we sat while the kids listened to the story.  Look at all the colors and the decorations that were even hanging from the ceiling of the roof.

Nail Painting

Letting them draw on fabric swatches so one of our group can make a wall hanging of the pictures

P.S. The boy with the heart on the left tried to teach Paul manners when they were making God's Eyes together.  We only had one pair of scissors so Paul would speak up and say, "Scissors" and that little boy would then say, "Por Favor".  He taught us all to say please that day because we said for the rest of the trip. :)

Helping the children with their God's Eyes

Before we left, we gave all the children and caregivers pillowcase that one of our group made for them.  Each one was unique.

They really liked them.  This little boy came and got Paul by the hand and took him to his bedroom.  He showed off his new case and his stuffed animals.

We also left each child with a stuffed animal and a bag of candy.

This was another really good day!!