Sunday, May 27, 2012

May, May, Go Away!!!

What's been going on with us?  I'm not sure you really want to know. 

A little bit of fun first.  We started playing around with smoothies.  We got us some chairs too so we can enjoy them on the back porch. 
The second time we tried to do this we were chased off by a huge Japanese hornet.

I spent the first couple of weeks of May trying to keep my head in the sand and pretend that Mother's Day didn't exist.

The week after Mother's Day my mom was on vacation and we spent the first 3 days working on my living room.  We repainted it.


It took forever to get the wallpaper down.  We ended up getting a steam machine and it helped alot. Then the paint wasn't covering and we ended up having to put on two coats.  It was alot more work than I imagined.

We have started fertility treatments.  This month is the first time.  I had to take about 10 days worth of some hormone pills (birth control) because of a small cyst on my ovary from where I ovulated last time.  Birth Control does not work well with me.  It makes me irritable and psychotic.  hehe  Needless to say, I don't know how my mom and Paul made it through the breakdowns I had during the painting project.  The IUIs are a long shot but we figured it doesn't hurt to try while we are trying to decide what to do next.

Then this Friday, two days ago, Paul has chest pain and goes to the ER.  They decided he needed to have a hearth cath to check for blockages.  He ended having a heart attack in the ER so they rushed him to the hospital and did an emergency heart cath.  He had one blockage and now he has a stint and alot of new medicine.

A weekend at the hospital will really take it out of you.  I was OK til yesterday and then I guess I broke.  I went down to get dinner and the cafeteria had closed.  I had to buy a cold ham and cheese sandwich.  Thankfully, a friend saw a tweet of mine about the awful food and they brought me food and something for a lingering headache I had.  Fast food and medicine never meant so much!! 

Then the CNA say they couldn't find me anything to sleep on last night so I was left with a recliner that didn't go all the way back AND it set me straight up at the slightest movement (or whenever it felt like it). 

We came home today and napped.  Then we got up and had to give the dog a bath because he was scratching so much.  Now we know why, fleas.  We washed him 3 times and then we sat in the bathroom floor with the vacuum cleaner while I went over his fur like one of those monkeys and Paul would suck up any fleas we saw. 

I AM TIRED!!  I AM STRESSED!!  I think I have reached my breaking point and I don't know what else I can handle.  Everything this weekend has just been overwhelming and I find myself crying at the little stuff.  I cried when they cut one of his favorite shirts off of him in the ER.  When I had only a ham sandwich to eat.  When the recliner sat me up for the tenth time.  When I had to give the dog a bath.  And again when I had to find the vacuum cleaner.

So, I am not sorry to see May leave.