Thursday, October 2, 2014

And now, the rest of the story...Part 3

Here we are...3 1/2 months after our first trip.  We have been waiting desperately for a court date.  We knew that if our court date was not set by 11/17, Clarissa was not coming home this year.  That was stressful to know.  Today, we got the news!  October 24th is the day!  We are so excited!!  Sometimes, I still can not believe we are here.  According to the timeline on this blog, we have been trying to grow our family and waiting on God to bring us a child for over 4 1/2 years!  Now, in 24 days, I will officially be a mom.  Crazy!

This all means we travel one month after our court date.  Give or take a couple of days, we will be flying back to St. Vincent on Thanksgiving!  What a way to celebrate a holiday all about giving thanks!!  This time my mom will be coming with us.  Another thing for which to be thankful!  It will take a load off of my mind knowing I have someone with me who has mothering experience.

This also means there is a deadline to get this house in order!  Oh my, let the true nesting begin.

We are so grateful for all of the prayers and support that everyone has given us along this journey.  God could not have given us better friends!  We are still working every way we can to raise the last bit of money for this journey.  I am still booking appointments through my Mary Kay business and every bit of profit from there is going to this.  We have also started a gofundme page.  Any way you want to help would be greatly appreciated!!  We need prayer warriors, we need people who are willing to host a girl's night and be treated to a Mary Kay makeover, and we need people who want to give to our fund.  Please share our gofundme page with all your friends and family.  Where we stand now, if only 100 people donate $65, we will be fully funded.  That really isn't that much or that many people if you think about it.

We are in the home stretch now and can't wait to see how God is going to work.  I know He can move mountains and work miracles!!

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